Courtney Mambourg

Dominic Vicari
Owner – Motivate Personal Fitness Academy

I had never thought about hiring a business coach before I hired Ashley.  But I can tell you, this has been the greatest investment in my career!
There is so much I can say about my experience in this group. I have seen my business grow, my confidence boosted, my dreams expanded, and my goals achieved… and the best part is I know its just the beginning.  I am constantly learning and evolving not just as a business owner, but as a person because of the support of this team and my coach Ashley. 
As a part of this group, I have a team that wants to see me succeed, but also understands the real blood, sweat, and tears that goes into following our passion.  That alone has been one of the biggest assets to this group.  We are friends from all around the country – from completely different types of communities and drastically different gyms and systems – but I have never felt so connected, supported, and inspired on this journey as I have with these people! 
Courtney Mambourg

Chris Rodousakis
Owner – Align Fitness

From the moment I stepped into Ashley Selman’s workshop on Building your Dream Studio at IDEA East this past winter, I was totally blown away! This kind of guidance was *exactly* what I’d been looking for since I got into the fitness industry back in the 90’s! I had an established training business, but was struggling with taking that next step, which required increasing prices and securing commercial space. Despite having gone to business school and working alongside successful people all of the time, I never got advice that fit my situation so perfectly until I started working with Ashley.
Before talking with Ashley I was nervous about even increasing my rates by $5, but within just the first phone call she was able to shake the fear-driven logic that was crippling me. There is nothing worse than having so much passion for training, but being the very thing that’s holding your business back! This is crazy, but within just 3 months of working with Ashley, I increased revenue by 30% and I was able to purchase (yes, you read that correctly) commercial space in one of DC’s most desirable neighborhoods! I’m still processing the magnitude of her influence and know she will be instrumental in helping me make ALIGN an international destination for fitness & continuing education!

Courtney Mambourg
Philip H.M. Levi
Founder – Burlingame Fitness

I am a full time Health Coach, Owner of Burlingame Fitness, Co-host of The Obstacle Order Podcast and Semi-professional Obstacle Course Racer. This group has helped me streamline and maximize all of my pursuits!

The investment in the Studio Owner’s Mastermind pays for itself immediately. Ashley’s experience and leadership are instrumental to ensuring the group’s effectiveness as a collective, while still making it fun and inclusive for all members.

The SOM is built around an intimate community of goal oriented, business focused individuals who share a passion for developing thriving brands. The culture is a think tank of structured accountability – we’re constantly learning and growing from each other!

Courtney Mambourg
Courtney Mambourg
Owner – Grit Fitness & Wellness 

Two years ago, I worked an insane amount of chaotic hours. Fortunately, Ashley Selman came into my business life when I needed her the most. She challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and forced me to truly grow into my role as an owner.

Now, I run a more efficient business, have cutback my hours and am able to spend more time with my daughter without worrying about income. Ashley has truly helped me streamline my business into a kick-ass business model that I will be able to sustain for years to come.

The best part of her Studio Owner Mastermind Group? Ashley has built an insanely talented group of fellow studio owners and managed to connect us all into lifelong friends!

Courtney Mambourg
Brent Holcombe
Owner – Clemson Health & Performance

Ashley Selman’s Build Your Dream Studio program is the first and only program (to my knowledge) in the fitness industry that provides practical, step-by-step instructions on how to open and operate a successful fitness studio! For the first time in my career, I feel like I have what it takes to successfully plan, open, and operate my own studio. I’ve gained clarity, confidence and a plan of action. If you have aspirations of opening and operating your own fitness facility, do yourself a favor and invest in the Build Your Dream Studio program. You won’t regret it!!!”