Courtney Mambourg
Courtney Mambourg
Owner – Grit Fitness & Wellness 

I met Ashley at her “Building Your Dream Facility” session at the IDEA Conference. I have attended 10+ fitness conferences over the years and this was by far the most informative & interesting breakout session. So much so, I immediately asked afterwards to get involved in her monthly mentorship program.
The thought of building a facility completely overwhelmed me. Through our conversations over the past few months, Ashley has done an amazing job breaking everything down in a doable step by step process. She comes from an extremely down to earth and humble approach with all of her valuable insight on building a facility.
I cannot thank her enough for coaching and guiding me through this process! I feel more confident now than ever as I am now months away from owning my own, personal dream facility.

Courtney Mambourg
Spencer Scalzitti
Owner – Aesthetics to Athletics 
In just a few months with Ashley Selman’s coaching, I went from having just the general idea of expanding my current studio, to having a focused vision for my business and fully functional business model. Ashley’s intelligent and understanding methodologies made it much easier for me to navigate through the complex and confusing aspects of growing a fitness business in today’s extremely competitive market.
Courtney Mambourg

Chris Rodousakis
Owner – Align Fitness

From the moment I stepped into Ashley Selman’s workshop on Building your Dream Studio at IDEA East this past winter, I was totally blown away! This kind of guidance was *exactly* what I’d been looking for since I got into the fitness industry back in the 90’s! I had an established training business, but was struggling with taking that next step, which required increasing prices and securing commercial space. Despite having gone to business school and working alongside successful people all of the time, I never got advice that fit my situation so perfectly until I started working with Ashley.
Before talking with Ashley I was nervous about even increasing my rates by $5, but within just the first phone call she was able to shake the fear-driven logic that was crippling me. There is nothing worse than having so much passion for training, but being the very thing that’s holding your business back! This is crazy, but within just 3 months of working with Ashley, I increased revenue by 30% and I was able to purchase (yes, you read that correctly) commercial space in one of DC’s most desirable neighborhoods! I’m still processing the magnitude of her influence and know she will be instrumental in helping me make ALIGN an international destination for fitness & continuing education!