Ashley Selman

Ashley Selman is the founder of Evolution Trainers, a 14,000 square foot personal training and sports performance studio. Ashley founded Evolution 10 years ago, starting with six trainers. Within three months, the business was profitable. Today Evolution Trainers is a world-class team of more than 40 expert health and fitness professionals serving 500+ clients. Over the past decade, revenue has increased over 500% and profits have grown year over year.

Ashley’s keys to success include having a crystal clear vision, understanding key financials for success, creating a world-class facility, attracting and retaining top trainers and clients and cultivating a unique and strong culture.

Ashley is passionate about helping independent trainers and studio owners across the country build successful careers, reaching them through speaking engagements, business coaching and her 10-week program “Building Your Dream Studio.” She serves on the advisory committee for the Idea World Club and Studio Summit, and has spoken at several industry leading events such as IDEA World, IDEA PTI East and West,  Todd Durkin’s 3.5 Day Mentorship and the Nor Cal Fitness Summit.